At Cheapo Cleaning, we understand that our customers have different needs and that not all cleanings are created equal. That’s why we added extras so that our customers can customize their booking to their liking. On our booking page, you can select as many extras as you need. Keep in mind that adding extras will increase your booking time and price.

Deep Cleaning *NEW!*

Need extra elbow grease? We recommend selecting deep clean if your home hasn’t been cleaned in over a month by yourself or a professional or if it’s extra messy or dirty. Deep Cleaning does not include any kind of infestation, mold, hazardous waste, or organization services.

Move In/Move Out *NEW!*

Moving can be hard, but let Cheapo Cleaning take care of the cleaning. Our Move-In/Move-Out clean is an extra thorough cleaning and it includes our standard cleaning checklist. It does not included carpet cleaning, exterior windows, lifting of heavy items, animal waste or mold removal.

Inside Cabinets

Give your cabinets some extra love with this extra! The inside of your cabinets can get dusty and dirty over time. Add this extra to get the insides of you cabinets dusted and wiped down by a pro.  

Inside Fridge

It’s vital to keep your fridge clean and hygienic. With this extra, a professional will clean fridge drawer or shelves, wipe down the interior, and get rid of stubborn stains.

Inside Oven

Don’t run your oven’s self-clean function before you cook Thanksgiving dinner! Instead it’s easier to get a Cheapo Cleaning professional to get it done. Your professional will clean the interior and the racks of your oven so it’s sparkling clean and ready to go.

Interior Windows

Are your plants dying? Maybe it’s because of your dirty windows! Add this extra and get a Cheapo Cleaning professional to wipe down the interior of your windows. This extra does not include the exterior of your windows, including windows that can be pulled inside.

Laundry Wash & Dry

Nothing feels cozier than fresh laundry! This extra includes one load of laundry wash & dry. Laundry machines must be inside the home or in the same building.


Please note that we are unable to clean residences suffering from any kind of infestation, mold, or hazardous waste. Organizational services are also not included. Since we don’t offer these services, our professionals don’t come with the necessary equipment to address them. 

If you want further customization or have special needs, you can always send an email after booking to our helpful team at support@cheapocleaning.com. Our team will let your cleaning professional know about any additional requirements you may have to give you the perfect cleaning for your home.